general surgery

The department offers outpatient, inpatient and 24x7 emergency care and support for patients with acute illness and injury on a multi discipinary approach.




Op- op services are available from 9-2pm offers minors procedures on all working days
In patient- wards are well equipped for better patient care and monitoring.
Modular operation theatre and laparoscopic equipments will be set up

Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation
Dr C V Rajendran MBBS, MS Professor and Head Of Department
Dr Arun S MBSS, MS, FMAS Additional Professor
Dr K G Krishnakumar MBBS, MS Assistant Professor
Dr Jithesh Chandran MBBS, MS Assistant Professor
Dr Arun A R MBBS, MS Senior Resident
Dr Bima Maheen MBBS, MS Senior Resident
Dr Sreejith S Nair MBBS, MS Senior Resident

List of research work, grants, publications in the department

Research Publications