Citizen Charter

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of Patients:

 ·Be treated with dignity, respect, consideration of their individual values and belief and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.

·Be protected from physical abuse or neglect.

·Refuse treatment.

·Confidentiality of all records and communications, to the extent provided by law.

·Participate in decisions about their care and provide informed consent.

 ·Access to information contained in the Medical Record in the form of a Medical Report / Discharge Summary.

·Voice their concerns and complaints with the Medical Superintendents Office.(Ph.:0468 2344801).

·Have the appropriate family member eligible to all the above rights, in case the patient is unable to meaningfully participate in his / her care.

 Responsibilities of Patients:

·Provide accurate and complete information about their health condition.

·Follow the treatment plan recommended by the treating Doctor.

 ·Accept responsibility for their actions if they refuse treatment.

 ·Preserve and produce all the records of their illness.

·Accept responsibility for the safekeeping of their valuables and possessions.

·Abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital

·Be considerate of the rights of other patients and GMC personnel by assisting with the control of noise, cleanliness and number of visitors.

·Respect the property of others and that of GMC ,Konni .

·Provide useful feedback about services and policies.

·Treat all healthcare workers with respect.

 ·Abide by all applicable National, State and Local laws