An ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) specializes in everything having to do with those parts of the body. ENT specialists treat hearing, swallowing and speech, breathing and sleep issues, allergies and sinuses, head and neck, skin disorders, and more.


Assistant Professor -1
Junior Resident -1


Nasal endoscopes with light source, camera and monitor, Endoscopic nasal surgery instruments, basic instruments needed in ENT OPD


Daily OPD
Inpatient services
Diagnostic nasal endoscopy, otoendoscopy, videolaryngoscopy
Basic procedures in ENT
Speech Therapy

Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation
Dr Sindhu V Nath MS ENT, DLO Assistant Professor
Dr Girish S MS ENT, DNB Junior Resident

List of awards & achievements of faculty in the department

List of awards and achievements of faculty

List of research work, grants, publications in the department

List of research work, publications