Professor - 1
Associate Professor- 1
Assistant Professor-5
Senior Resident-2
Junior Resident-1


Biochemistry Fully Autoanalyser Vitros 4600
Immunoanalyser Vitros ECI
Electrolyte Analyser AGD 3100
Electrolyte Analyser Prolyte
ABG Analyser
Fully Autoanalyser Cobas c501
Trop T Analyser


24 hr Clinical lab service available Following blood investigations are done 1. Glucose 2. Lipid profile 3. Renal function tests 4. Liver function tests 5. Amylase 6. Lipase 7. Calcium 8. Phosphorus 9. Electrolytes 10. Trop T 11. Trop I 12. Thyroid function tests 13. Vit D3 14. Beta hCG 15. ferritin 16. LDH 17. Blood ketone

Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation
Dr.Saleena Prameela MBBS,MD Professor
Dr. Sindhu P S MBBS,MD Associate Professor
Dr. Soubhagya P MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
Dr Shyji PV MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Deepthi G N MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Blessy Susan Luke MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
Dr Eldho Kuriakose MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
Dr Priyas S MBBS,MD Senior Resident
Dr Rohin T Prasad MBBS,MD Senior Resident
Dr Jeny Jacob MBBS Junior Resident

List of research work, grants, publications in the department

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