Anatomy department has the responsibility of teaching first year medical students the structure of the human body in the macroscopic and microscopic scale. It is one of the core subjects taught in the first-year medical curriculum according to the new CBME curriculum. The sub-disciplines of anatomy include embryology (development and maturation of the embryo, fetus and its clinical importance), gross anatomy (scientific study of the macroscopic structure of the human body and its organs), histology (scientific study of the microscopic structure of the human tissues and organs) and neuroanatomy (study of the brain, spinal cord and all the related neural systems). Anatomy is now taught in a clinically oriented manner that is integrated with other disciplines. Embalming services are also done in the Anatomy department.


Professor – 1
Associate Professor- 1
SR/JR/ Tutors – Nil
Assistant Professor - 5



Dissection Hall
Histology Lab
Anatomy Museum

Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation
Dr Cessy Job MBBS, MS Professor
Dr Suja RS MBBS, MS Associate Professor
Dr. Aarabhy Jayan MBBS, MD Anatomy, DNB Anatomy Assistant Professor
Dr. Tom J Nallikuzhy MBBS, MD Anatomy Assistant Professor
Dr. Sabin Malik MBBS, MD Anatomy Assistant Professor
Dr. Shelja S Kalam MBBS, MD Anatomy Assistant Professor
Dr. Mithil Rosh C K MBBS, MD Anatomy, BCCPM Assistant Professor

List of awards & achievements of faculty in the department

Awards and achievements of faculty in the anatomy department

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Research work, grants, publications of anatomy department